Courses for CHILDREN

Children want to be seen, heard and acknowledged. As they have fun they also want to feel guided and supported. “Shining Stars” encourages children to feel good about who they are. Janet Nicol courses for children

Courses for PARENTS

Children learn how they should act by watching the people around them, especially their parents. A parent is a child’s first role model. I assist you to become aware of what you are teaching your child about love and life. Janet Nicol courses for parents

The SEL Centre, NZ

Supporting the development of social and emotional learning in primary and intermediate schools. Janet Nicol courses for teachers


Janet is passionate about helping people connect into their heart awareness. Always available, this wisdom speaks to us through our feelings and intuition. Her courses for children, parents and teachers encourage them to claim and use this powerful guidance.

Conversation between a five year old and her father:

“Daddy, do you know why children are sent into the world?”

“No, tell me.”

“To teach them to think in their hearts, so everything goes right, otherwise they think in their head and life is hard.”
The Secret Spiritual World of Children, Tobin Hart

Janet also offers counselling through individual consultations. Children are supported to express their story and explore what they feel.  If you are a parent or teacher concerned for or challenged by the children in your care, you will be encouraged to know how you can meet the child’s needs while also taking care of your own.

Supporting children's emotional development