About  JANET

Janet has always been passionate about children, young people and education. Her teaching career began over 20 years ago when she trained as a high school teacher. Janet particularly enjoyed working on outdoor education personal growth courses for students because she believed this gave children a good sense of self and of their potential.

In 2003 Janet started working as a Special Education Advisor for the Ministry of Education.  She saw the diverse needs of children and how they were asking to be treated differently from old authoritarian paradigms. This lead her to formulate ideas on what a truly child centered school would look like.  In 2005 she teamed up with two others to create Seven Oaks Primary School that is based in Christchurch.

Alongside her role of creating a self-empowerment curriculum for children at Seven Oaks School, Janet also practices as a part time Pascha Therapist.  Since 2011 she has worked as an Assistant Teacher on the Pascha Therapy courses run at the Pascha Centre.

Janet would like to see all children regarded highly and equally.

It is time we looked beyond behaviour and into the hearts of our children.  What do they all long for?  What did we long for as children? Love, peace, the right to a bright future. The right to be ourselves, without comparison.  The right to be believed in. The right to have our voice heard, even if it was different from others.  Let us join together now in our homes, schools and communities to really listen to and support our children.