Counselling Services –

Sometimes we need a little help in life.
Janet provides therapy services for both children and adults.

Support for Children

The key to guiding a child is to create a positive, loving relationship with them. Children need adults to listen with their hearts so they feel really acknowledged and understood.

Many children cannot tell us directly how they feel. Instead they communicate through their behaviour. Interpreting this can be challenging, yet children are dependent on the adults around them to really tune in and listen to what they are saying. Are you able to hear and interpret what your child is expressing?

Some adults have difficulty understanding or accepting children’s behaviour or what they experience. Children may:

  • Express their anger in challenging ways
  • Feel or be affected strongly by other people’s energy
  • Talk of hearing voices or “seeing things”
  • Have deep longings and wisdom that seem beyond their years.

Janet can work individually with your child and then support you to understand your child more. By using art therapy and guided imagery techniques, Janet helps children express their story. She then works with parents to help them interpret and understand what their child is expressing and why.

Sessions for children can last from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the age of your child. This is then followed by either a phone call, or face-to-face meeting with the parent(s).

Support for Parents

Parents need support too! What does your child put you in touch with?

  • Would you like to feel good about who you are and how you parent?
  • Are you able to trust you will know how to respond to your family’s needs?
  • Does your child remind you that you have some healing to do?
  • Would you like a sense of yourself beyond family life?

Janet can help you become aware of what you are feeling and why. When you acknowledge how life truly feels you begin to identify your own needs. From here you can learn what steps you can take to support yourself in life.

Support for Teachers

  • Would you like to feel more empowered in the classroom?
  • Are you able to identify the needs of your students and not feel overwhelmed by them?
  • Imagine if you had energy for life beyond the school!

Teaching is a demanding role. When you support yourself in your own life your students will also benefit. Janet can help you become aware of what you need and why. As you identify actions that will support your own personal wellbeing you will gain more energy for teaching and for life.

All adult sessions generally last for one hour and cost $80.

About Pascha Therapy

Pascha Therapy is a gentle and supportive process which guides you to acknowledge what you feel and helps you understand why. It provides a much needed balance to our current heavy reliance on reasoning and logic alone. Too often we have been told that our feelings are wrong or irrational. Yet our feelings do not lie, they act as a constant guide to us. Our feelings connect our internal and external worlds.

As we acknowledge what we feel we get in touch with what our needs are and how we can attend to them.

While children have little difficulty getting in touch with their feelings, they may not always be empowered to act on what is right for them. Adults often distance themselves from what they feel because of what they learned when they were young.

As you claim back your feeling-self you will begin a journey of self-awareness and empowerment. By encouraging your child to know their feeling-self you support them to stay close to the guidance of their own heart.