Frequently  Asked  Questions

What will my child get from being on your course?

Your child will be encouraged to step into their heart and freely be themselves.  When children are in their hearts they are naturally and easily loving and forgiving.  They make space for each other.  They do not carry hurts and wounds around.  They connect into the joy of being innocent and free.  Your child will get to know and feel this energy while sharing a space with others.

What will I learn on your parenting course?

The focus of my parenting course is You.  By embracing what you feel you will discover how to listen to your heart’s guidance. This will allow you to take care of yourself at a deeper level. As your relationship changes with yourself, you will clearly see and be able to respond to the needs of your child.

What will I learn on your courses for teachers?

Teachers need to learn how to care for their own energy so they can then care for others.  As you learn to care for yourself you will begin to feel that you can teach without burning out and crashing.

As you become more fluent with what you feel you will gain confidence to help your students connect into their feelings.  This will provide you with deep understanding and awareness of what your students are experiencing and what they need.

By reconnecting into the energy of your own heart and why you were called to teach, you will feel able to create caring, relationships in the classroom where learning can flourish.

Why are today’s children different?

Today’s children are bringing a new energy into the world.  They are here to challenge old systems that do not serve them or the evolution of humanity.  Today’s kids want to be treated with equity and fairness.  They will challenge what we currently know and ask us to find new ways of relating to them.

How can I best support my child?

Children need your love.  They need to hear and feel that you love them, regardless of what they do.  When you make your love solid, it does not waver just because your child does.  It is able to ride out the storms.  It is able to trust the path of your child and the learnings they are undertaking, even if they are challenging.  How would your child know that you loved them?

Children need their feelings to be acknowledged and understood.  Even if you don’t know what is happening for your child, if you acknowledge what they are feeling and experiencing without telling them that they are wrong, they will feel understood.

Do children need to be in therapy?

Children have their own story but may need some help to share it.  Parents are often very intertwined with their children, making it difficult for them to see the big picture.  Sometimes a child may need help just for themselves.  Sometimes they need their parents to be with them or with the family in a different way but they cannot say this to their parents.

Children should not be in therapy for long periods of time. We cannot expect children to make changes if the adults around them are not willing to look at their own behaviour and how this contributes to what they child experiences.

Why are feelings important?

Feelings are our own internal guide.  They are energy that can move through us.  If we try to stop or deny what we feel – where does that energy go?  It gets stuck in the cells of our body, causing stress, illness, discomfort and dis-ease.

Many of us live from our heads, looking for answers in our mind only.  The mind can only ever have part of the picture.  If we connect into what we feel, our mind can become a tool that is guided by our heart.  We open to a bigger, expanded version of life and of ourselves.