Courses for Parents –

Do you feel good about yourself as a parent?
Are you able to understand and respond confidently to your child’s behaviour?
Would you like to know how you can work alongside your child to create loving family life?

Children are bringing a new energy into the world that invites new responses from family members, schools and communities.  Old models of authoritarian parenting do not work for today’s children.  Instead they are asking us to hear their voice. They want to be seen and valued for their own unique selves.  This is what creates confidence and develops healthy self-esteem.

Janet is helping many parents learn new ways of understanding their children.  She encourages adults to look beyond challenging behaviour so we can identify and respond to our children’s real needs.

Children need Us to be in our Hearts, listening to the voice and guidance of our love as we parent.  When we respond to our children’s needs from this energy, we make heart-felt decisions that support our children and ourselves.

As a parent you are your child’s first role model of how life works.  What do you really want to teach your child about life and their place in it?  What did you learn yourself as a child?

Parenting Courses Christchurch - Parent From the Heart

Parent From you Heart –

Start on a journey of self-discovery.  In this five week course you will learn how to tune in and really listen to your child’s needs, while you also identify your own.  As you explore some of your own childhood experiences, you will begin to see how you view yourself as an adult and how this influences the way you parent.  This will then help you be aware of the messages you give to your child through your words, actions and behaviour.  As you connect fully with the love you feel for your child, you will begin to trust this as your best guide to being a parent.

Parent from your Heart Course

Please contact Janet for further information and to register.