Support for Teachers

How can we support children to know and understand their emotional world?
What support might you need to understand your own experience of emotions? What is needed to create healthy classroom climates?   

Teaching is a challenging role.  Students look to you for guidance and acknowledgment.  They look to be understood.  What you say and do in the classroom makes a difference to how a student feels.

We could also say childhood is challenging.  Kids today are facing many, what could almost be termed “grown-up” issues. It is almost as if the innocence of childhood has been compromised.  It is not uncommon for children to face issues of security, be it in their home (eg. family issues) or even on the land (earthquakes, flooding!).  Most kids will experience the effects of bullying, either personally or through witnessing it.  Technology, while wonderful, also offers it’s challenges.  And of course sadly, we see many kids suffering with mental health issues.

How can we then, adequately prepare children for life, a school’s core business?  I believe the teaching of the 3 R’s needs to extend to a fourth, RESILIENCE.  If we are to teach resilience, we must help children understand how their inner world of feelings and thoughts effects their outer world.

Janet offers professional development workshops, curriculum ideas and individual support for teachers to consciously guide Social and Emotional Awareness in the classroom. 

Teachers' Courses - Support and Self Care

SELNZ Courses:

Self-Care Workshop for Teachers

  • What is Self-Care?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can you care for yourself in a busy teaching practice?

Teaching is demanding.  Knowing how to take care of yourself is vital if you are to remain healthy and in-balance.  Come and learn how taking care of yourself can make a positive difference for you and your students. This workshop offers practical ideas that support the health and well-being of teachers.  Janet is able to adjust this workshop to your school needs.  Please contact her for more information.

Professional Learning Group – Developing SEL in the Classroom

If you are interested in participating in professional discussions about how Social and Emotional Learning can be implemented in the classroom and you live in or near Christchurch please contact Janet.




I was very fortunate to work with Janet during my time at Seven Oaks School. Janet was a caring, supportive and guiding light in my professional and personal growth and development. She helped me fully believe in myself as an educator and person. Janet has a wonderful ability to help you search inside and really connect to your inner self. I was able to fully open up my heart with Janet’s guidance, learning about myself, and what it means to be truly connected to my heart. This connectedness supports all my interactions with others. It has helped me to be a calmer, more responsive and reflective and loving educator, husband, Dad and friend. I would fully recommend Janet’s training for anyone looking to reconnect with their inner self, reignite their passion for teaching and learning, and get more out of life through opening up their heart.
Dion Stechmann
Principal Woodbank School

Mindfulness Courses for Teachers and Students

Janet has trained with Mindfulschools ( and is accredited to teach Mindfulness to students and teachers.  Mindfulness, the art of being present to the moment, has been shown to improve concentration, clarity and self-control.  There is growing interest from schools world wide to include Mindfulness as part of their school curriculum.  If you are interested in exploring Mindfulness opportunities for your class or school as a whole, please contact Janet.